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5 Reasons to Work with a Crisis Coach 

1. Scott gives the people you love the tools necessary to make progress.

I simply want to thank Scott for your time and counsel in helping my son navigate through a very challenging and uncertain period in his life. He was a lost young man and doesn’t bond easily with people. And then we found YOU! He trusts you and feels that you can relate to him. You have given him a safe haven to express himself, and I feel so blessed that we found you. Your approach to coaching him is spot on. You work to equip him with the tools necessary to make progress and take steps toward his future.



2. Scott is a catalyst for change.

Scott H. Silverman is a gift. This multifaceted motivator shows how one person can not only make a difference in this world, that when done right, will leave a tidal wave of others making a difference in their wake. I call what he does “Ripple Effect Inspiration.” In my case, he inspired the UN-inspirable. Scott was able to motivate me to step out of my comfort zone and become something I had always wanted to be.

Eric K. Author/ President, EJK/FuBAR Media Group


3. Scott helps to inspire continual growth.

I’m currently working and going to school, advocating for youth justice, running a marathon, formulating a independent business, writing, learning, providing for my family, just overall becoming a man and maintaining. Your word helped shape this progression. Thanks a thousand more times.



4. Scott takes a no non-sense approach.

I found Mr. Scott Silverman’s story very inspirational because he used the second chance that he was given to help others. I enjoy his effective no non-sense approach because it is refreshing and gives people the jolt that they need to face the truth, change and take action. The greatest people on earth that have the most impact are those that use their lives to help people. Mr. Silverman is great because he is one of those people.

Shagne King


5. Scott creates safe havens.

With decades in the area of rehabilitation, Scott’s clinical experience is exceptional. But he’s also “walked a mile in your shoes.” There are lots of counselors, educators, and executives in the field of recovery, but the most effective ones are able to couple their personal experiences with their schooling and find the balance between the two. Scott has mastered this concept. One of the hardest things to do in the arena of addiction recovery is to show grace, yet be simultaneously unyielding. Scott is able to harmonize between the two and proportionally adjust to meet the needs of each individual. This allows the client to not only feel safe, but accept and receive direction as well.

Lori Allen
CATC, CDAAC, RAS, CGS, CCDS / Designed with Purpose Addiction Counseling and Life Coaching Services