The Opioid Epidemic

The Opioid Epidemic: What You Don’t Know Will Destroy Your Family and Your Life will be available in the winter of 2021. Within it, readers will discover:

  • Addiction is a crisis … what we need is a solution NOW!
  • Greed, corruption, and cowardice created a monster.
  • Telltale signs that someone is addicted

Stories that will sadden, shock, educate, and inspire.

Take a look inside the book below. You can also download a free chapter, or get a copy here.

Tell Me No. I Dare You!

This is my personal journey. Part memoir, part how-to, this book will inspire you to transform the challenges of your life into a platform for a fulfilling life. The disease of my addiction led me to the edge in New York City. I tried to take my life. This was rock bottom. That’s the day I decided to turn my life around.

This book captures my journey from a near suicide to starting a multi-million dollar non-profit helping thousands of at-risk teens enter into the workplace, into society, into productive lives. While it might sound like a screenplay, this is the reality of my life. 

Heroes are made, not born.

Join me on my journey as I show you how to apply this to your life. Together, we will travel the streets of Turkey, Israel, Amsterdam, and the deserts of southern California recounting how I found the courage to live up to my potential. This book is honest, poignant, hilarious, but most importantly, your guidebook to accepting the challenge of turning the nos in your life into action-filled yeses.


Ken Blanchard coauthor of The One Minute Manager

“This account of how one determined man has helped countless people transform from victims into productive members of society will touch your heart and melt away your cynicism.”

Marshall Goldsmith New York Times best-selling 
author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There

“Scott’s story can be an inspiration to all of us! Scott is making a real difference—reading this book can help you do the same! We can all turn around our lives—and the lives of others—if we follow this example.”

Sheila Anderson

“I literally could not put this book down, I read it in one sitting! What I loved most about this book is that it is so real. Scott masterfully tells his own story of triumph and also shares so many inspirational success stories of others that have changed their lives and in turn are helping others improve their own lives. While sharing his story, Scott also inspires and explains how each and every one of us can look deep inside and find our YES as well! This book reminds me of the quote, "Be the change you want to see in the world" as so well-said by Gandhi. Scott has been that change and chronicles it so well, while inspiring others to do the same."

Amazon 5 Star Reviews

Jessica M.

“This book made me cry, laugh, and think about what I could do to change my life! This book makes you think about the most successful people in the world and wonder about the challenges they had to endure to arrive at their `yes'. The author, Scott Silverman, allows a detailed look into his own life. From drinking and drugging to entrepreneur and hero (named by CNN), Silverman shares his life experiences to help all of us find our `yes'! Silverman's life experiences allowed him the vision to create his model for a not-for-profit organization called Second Chance. It is not too often that someone is willing to give their secret for working with populations that need a second chance. Tell me no, I dare you is must read! Once you read this book I invite you to contact Scott and his staff about attending a Second Chance graduation!”


"Tell me no. I dare you! is an incredibly raw and inspirational account of one man's dark struggle with addiction and his extraordinary journey to recovery through his determination, faith, courage, and commitment. Founder of the non-profit organization Second Chance, CNN Hero Award Recipient and author of this book, Scott H. Silverman has since paid it forward helping countless of other individuals turn their life around and connect to the "YES" in their life placing them on their own road and story to success.”

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